August 26, 2015by Rachel Horn

Leon Bridges, Live In Concert: Newport Folk 2015

Leon Bridges took the stage at the 2015 Newport Folk Festival with a great deal of attendant buzz. Drawing favorable comparisons to Sam Cooke from many corners, he'd released his chart-topping debut, Coming Home, just a month earlier. But the 26-year-old soul singer from Fort Worth, Texas, took it all in stride, delivering a set that lived up to its promise. It's true that Bridges' music has an undeniable kinship with the sounds of the late 1950s and early '60s. His tenor recalls the male R...
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This week's episode of All Songs Considered is a journey of sound. Bob has a new favorite noise app, so he and Robin Hilton go on a sonic expedition that includes a spring walk, a gaggle of purring kittens, and a rolling rain storm (thunder optional). As if kittens weren't enough, Bob and Robin also have six new songs to share, including a British band, a Scandinavian band that sounds British, and an American band that sounds Scandinavian.

  1.   Oral Cancer:  Melanie Thiel interviews Susan Lauria, director of events for the Oral Cancer Foundation about their upcoming fundraiser event.  8th Annual Walk/Run on Sunday September 20, 2015 at Perona Farms in Andover, NJ.  The event features oral cancer screenings, raffles, bands, speakers, and a lunch.  Information available at


  • The August Artist of the Month and my weekly Just Jazz Presents feature hour schedule
  • Bob’s comment on Donald Trump and his supporters
  • The Quotes of the Month by John Steinbeck and Sinclair Lewis
  • New & Recommended CDs by Duduka Da Fonseca, Nick Finzer, Charlie Haden & Gonzalo Rubalcaba, and Chris Washburne & the SYOTOS Band
  • Recommended Internet radio programs, area jazz events, and more

Here is the August 2015 edition of the Just Jazz Newsletter.

Hello!  This is Karl Hricko of United Astronomy Clubs of NJ and the National Space Society bringing you the August Astronomy Update for the WNTI listening area.

Laura Jane Grace and Lauren Denitzio both fell in love with music in their teens, and both turned it into a career. By the time they met in the studio this past winter, their lives had taken very different paths.

Six albums in, World Cafe catches up with the Toronto band The Wooden Sky for this segment. The group, led by singer-songwriter Gavin Gardiner, has a new album called Let's Be Ready. The Wooden Sky describes its own music as "fuzz folk," which you can hear for yourself in the World Cafe: Next podcast, available on the show's Tumblr.


  •  Senior Care:  Melanie Thiel interviews John Hampilos from Little Brook Nursing and Convalescent Home.  Today’s topic, never put down a security deposit or commit your entire estate to save space in a nursing home.  Also be aware of all fees and extra hidden costs.
  • Science Report:  Dr.
  • Tools for School:  Melanie Thiel interviews Sarah Brelvi, Chief Professional Officer of United Way of NNJ about the Tools for School program.  Collecting and distributing school supplies for children in Warren County that come from families that otherwise would not be able to purchase.  Drop off points are at various locations around the county.  Information at
  • Canal Day Music & Craft Festival:  Melanie Thiel interviews John Manna about the Canal Day festival on Saturday August 22, 2015 in Wharton, NJ.  The events features music, craft and food v

Jason Isbell's relationship with the South — like that of his former band, Drive-By Truckers — is complicated. An Alabama native, Isbell has continued to embrace his Southern identity since leaving the group in 2007 and embarking on a solo career. But what exactly does that Southern identity entail?

Surprising twists at WNTI Stage festival

Jul 16, 2015
Chubby Checker

Read the review of WNTI Stage written by Jay Lustig.




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