So, you want to submit your record to WNTI.ORG?  We're sure you have a lot of questions.   Here’s a simple guide on what to send to the radio station and what to expect.  Please keep in mind the volume of music submitted to this radio station on a weekly basis.  It doesn’t stop.  Ever.

For best results please submit your music in CD format. Preferably in a jewel case or digi-pak with a clearly legible spine.   There should be an accurate track listing.  It would be a bonus if it’s numbered and with track times but that’s optional.  The disc should be accompanied by a “one sheet”  that contains a brief bio, track listing with focus tracks, any FCC violations, area dates and contact information.

What you shouldn’t send.   It’s tempting to yield to ambition and assemble an elaborate folder containing glossy portraits or headshots, business cards, a five page bio and CD in a thin paper envelope.   Keep it simple and save time and money.

Links to websites or attached MP3 or Wav files seem like an efficient cost effective method of delivery but those emails arrive with such frequency that there is no way possible to keep track of them.   A physical copy with accompanying information is the best way for your package to get attention.

What you should expect.  Nothing.  We cannot stress enough the sheer volume of music that arrives at any radio station on a daily basis.  It doesn’t stop.  Ever.  For the ten CDs that arrived today there are another ten on the way.

You are welcome to check with the Music Department for tracking purposes and inquire if it’s under review.  Please do not request airplay or expect it.  Your submitted package has already indicated your intention.  In studio performances and interviews are a possibility if we find your music worthy .  Airplay cannot be guaranteed and your materials cannot be returned.

We appreciate your hard work and sacrifice to your craft and value your interest in WNTI.ORG.