Dan Baynes

Reggae & World Rhythms

Dan Baynes AKA "cableman dan" was born in East Lansing, Michigan on June 5th, 1953 a Gemini with 5 planets in "Air" signs. Grew up in upstate NY and Ohio and migrated to the West Coast in 1971. Graduated with A. A. degree from Palomar College, in San Marcos, Ca. where radio career started on a 500 watt microwave radio station KSM. Relocated to Santa Cruz, Ca and hosted Native American, Reggae, and Public Affairs programs on KZSC. Programmed "Free Form" late night radio at Antioch College on WYSO in Yellow Springs, Ohio and on WXPN from University of Pennsylvania. Returned to school and received a diploma from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in West Palm Beach, Fla. Worked at WDVR in Sergeantstville, NJ for 15 years programming American Indian, Reggae, Folk, Bluegrass and Jazz

And I am now currently on WNTI Tuesday night 8-10pm with the Reggae & World Rhythms show. "If you can talk, you can sing, and if you can walk, you can dance". The photo was taken at VYBZ-FM in Savana-la-Mar Jamaica in March of 2007.

Oh, by the way I have worked for Pop Vision Cable, Cable Line Contractors, Suburban Cable, RCN Cable, Patriot Media & Communications Cable and currently Comcast Cable Communications. Can you say cablemandan?

Our Own Dan Baynes Highlighted for Community Service

Meet Daniel Baynes, Daniel LIVES UNITED!

Comcast News Jersey article highlights WNTI's Dan Baynes of Reggae & World Rhythms for Community Service:

'I think we take water for granted and don't know what it would be like to have to ration every gallon so that everyone can survive.' Daniel is the Facilities Specialist in Somerset.

Daniel volunteers for an annual walk to raise money to help dig wells for the Maasai people in Kenya, East Africa through the Maasai Cultural Exchange Project www.quenchthethirst.org. The women must walk approx. 20 miles each day to provide clean water for their families.

Ways To Connect

Sam Tso Navajo Medicine Man shares his "Dine" culture and spirituality on the Reggae & World Rhythms program on August 5th.  Listen to the recent interview when Sam explains how Navajo beliefs and medicine may provide valuable knowledge for healing purposes.