Kyle Meredith

Host of The Weekly Feed

I remember sitting around when I was 16 wishing there was a job out there that paid me to listen to music. Amazingly, and much to the disappointment of my mom, it never seemed all that ridiculous. I had made bedroom radio shows on my karaoke machine since I was 9 and that seemed like the easiest and most obvious way to go.

My first break in the music industry came later that year when I happened across a company called Hi-Frequency. They were a promotion company based out of North Carolina and their deal was that they helped get artists promotion all across the country by their team of field reps who would hang posters and flyers, hand out cd’s and cassettes, and get the word out about their releases. The catch was you had to at least be in college to be hired. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t. Fortunate for me, they’d never know that since they were in another state. So I applied. And they called. And they offered the job. And then I almost blew it all.

"so what college are you going to?"

"um.. University of Louisville."

"ah, cool. how many hours are you taking?"

I had never heard that phrase before. No clue. I just hung there for what seemed like forever and then said the most intelligent thing that came to my mind.

"um… I’m really not sure."


and just like the scene in Almost Famous when his mom picks up the phone, the guy laughs and says, "yeah, life can be pretty busy."

I ended up working the first Dave Matthews solo live album and then Elliot Smith’s XO record. I was on cloud nine.

After I went to college, I landed an internship with WLRS and by the end of the semester I was working full time for them. As big corporate radio tends to go, people got fired and I moved up the ladder - by default. Night guy, midday guy, afternoon drive. It was pretty awesome.


I jumped around from station to station for a while and it was a lot of fun, but eventually it was time to move on. So, I bounced to the other side and started working for the record industry: Label X & Toucan Cove which was eventually picked up by Universal Records, and when record labels starting falling away, I took the initiative and started my own promotions company. I spent my days helping bands get radio airplay all across the county, which resulted in a lot of traveling, meeting a lot of great people, and hearing and working with a ton of great music.

Until one day I started getting the itch for radio again. It was bound to happen. It had been a part of me for so long. I had been toying with an idea that was starting to get some traction - a show about blogs. It was obvious. It was right there in front of me the whole time. And it was something relevant.

So was born - The Weekly Feed.

And now I get paid, once again, to listen (and play) music. Not too shabby.