Peter Hoff

Host of Uncle Pete's Blues Party

Peter Hoff - aka "Uncle Pete," is a New Jersey native who has been listening to and playing music for as long as he can remember.  Growing up in the late '50's and throughout the 60's during the explosion of fresh and exciting music, his tastes cover virtually every genre imaginable.  Having family in the music business exposed him to blues and jazz at an early age.  From the soulful sounds of Ray Charles and John Coltrane to his first live concert experience of Albert King pointed him toward a blues loving future.

Working for his college radio station spinning vinyl and collecting and playing new musical finds for friends became a passion of Pete's.  Getting back into radio now has reignited that passion.   The pleasure of playing music for others to enjoy, especially when you can introduce them to artists or music they haven't heard before, is something he finds truly satisfying.  He is looking forward to sharing some great blues with the WNTI  listening audience.  They'll listen to all forms of blues, from national acts to blues bands working the clubs.  Tune in and join the Blues Family!

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