Steve Kirchuk


Steve has been in the web business since 1995. In 2000 he and his wife Andrea started Computer Images Web, LLC and have a wide range of clients throughout NJ and PA. CiWeb has been WNTI's webmaster since 2010. In addition to web design, Steve is also a musician who has supported WNTI since the 80's.

Setting sun, wind and waves and hills — these are all elements of the lyrics on Patty Griffin's new album, Servant Of Love. She says those references come from noticing the spiritual interconnection between nature and humans, which she says makes it harder to be cynical.

Michael Benjamin Lerner was stuck. After three albums of fuzzy and fizzy power pop, the singer, songwriter, drummer and mastermind behind Telekinesis felt sapped of ideas, as if he'd taken his guitar-driven sound as far as it could go. Writer's block can be a paralyzing frustration, riddled with second-guessing and false starts, but one of the best ways to push through it is to throw out what feels most comfortable and try something unexpected. So he got to work.

come on baby .. do the WNTI Band Twist !

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Jun 25, 2015