Stew Liebman

Host of Down in Front

Originally from New York, teen years in Freehold, college in Boston and a long stint in Hoboken. Now living in Lake Mohawk, Sparta, NJ. Married to Jenny, father of two teenagers, Max and Sydney. Always an education. My fulltime job is real estate in Hoboken and Hudson County. Engages the urban roots and keeps commuting alive in Jersey.

I'm an aging hippie, a child of the sixties. Read the paper religiously. Dig all the arts, especially movies, photography and poetry. A basketball fan. Collect architectural miniatures and building banks. Love music, music, music. Live and recorded. Constantly combing the stores for the rare CD (or LP) find. Always hoping to spread the wealth by sharing the tunes.

Down In Front
Down In Front is a musical melange of folk to rock, jazz to hip-hop and everything in between. An occasional spoken word piece. New and old, popular to the obscure. It can be topical, relating selections to dates, times and events. Or thematic on special occasions. Tangential radio. You never know what you'll hear. Somehow we connect the dots. It's all music.

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