Dan Baynes interview Sam Tso, a Navajo Medicine Man

Aug 12, 2014

Sam Tso Navajo Medicine Man shares his "Dine" culture and spirituality on the Reggae & World Rhythms program on August 5th.  Listen to the recent interview when Sam explains how Navajo beliefs and medicine may provide valuable knowledge for healing purposes.

An accomplished storyteller and cultural consultant, Tso was raised by his elders in an ancestral, remote area of Dinetah, the Navajo Nations homeland, in Arizona.  Belonging to a family of healers, he is able to see causes of physical, emotional, psychic and other disorders and misalignment's have led him to be described as a human MRI.

For personal healing and consultations, visit www.facebook.com/samtsomedicineman.  TSO means "BIG", as in BIG MEDICINE.  You can hear Native American music and interviews every Tuesday night on the Reggae & World Rhythms program on WNTI.