Alan Bronstein A.K.A. Al B.

I began my career at WNTI-FM as the straight man on the Kevin and Al B. Trainwreck show. Kevin and I haunted the airwaves of WNTI every Thursday mornings from 6 to 9 a.m. for about a decade. After the departure of my talented partner I struggled to gain my broadcast footing as a solo practitioner. Solely due to the benevolence of the management of our beloved radio station I have landed on Saturday afternoons from 5 to 7 p.m.

Music to me is one of the greatest contributions our species has brought to this lovely blue marble we call home. I try to play a blend of tunes that will excite and stimulate pleasant memories from long ago and use the great mix of contemporary artists stocked in the WNTI.ORG studio to create a smorgasbord I hope our listeners can appreciate.

Allison Hodson

Allison Hodson began at WNTI-FM as an intern during the fall of 2012 when she started hosting Gonzo Country Radio, an Alternative , Outlaw and mostly Texas Country show that now, has a small albeit loyal following.  Allison is often homesick for Texas and the show is kind of a coping mechanism for her.

Music geekdom runs in her blood as her father has an extensive vinyl collection that he played for her since birth.  Her favorite artists are The Old 97’s, Willie Nelson, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, Phish and The White Stripes.  When she’s not talking to herself into a microphone, Allison writes, reads, practices yoga, plays piano and runs around after a tiny person that acts drunk all the time, otherwise known as her 6-year-old daughter.

Gonzo Country Radio airs every Saturday afternoon from 3 to 5pm on WNTI.ORG-The Internet Voice of Centenary College.

Amy Price

Hi, I'm The Rock And Roll Doctor, host of Weekend Jam, heard here on WNTI.ORG every Sunday from 4pm to 7pm.  My goal is to share great music that I love with you, the listener and share my passion for the tunes with you. Music is one of life's great gifts and I am lucky to be able to share it with you. Weekend Jam is a mix of current and classic Jam Bands and "Jam Friendly" artists, along with doses of blues rock, psychedelic tunes and anything else that I throw into the mix according to my mood on a given day.

Artists featured include:
Keller Williams, Grateful Dead, Hot Tuna, Traffic, Love, Moe, and more. Check out my archived playlists for more detailed info. And most importantly, enjoy the tunes!

Brad Totaro

Host of The Brad Totaro Show

Playing music for a listening audience been my passion for as long as I can remember.  I joined the great people at WNTI-FM in July of 2002, and still enjoy playing a wide variety of music like Singer/Song Writer, Americana, Folk, Eclectic, Blues and Rock n Roll.  You won't hear top 40 on my show but you will hear a lot of our very talented local musicians.

When I'm not spinning great tunes, you can find me attending local concerts, collecting trains or riding motorcycles.

Remember - The request line is always open...
The Brad Totaro Show is a production of WNTI.ORG and airs Saturday nights from 9 to 11pm.


Brian Kathenes & Leon Castner

Value This!

Leon Castner, ISA CAPP AAA, Ph.D.

Leon Castner has been an appraiser for over thirty years. He grew up in the auction business in northern New Jersey and worked as runner, cashier, trucker, auction manager, and eventually president and chief auctioneer. Leon served as President of The New Jersey State Society of Auctioneers and was named Auctioneer of the Year. His company regularly held over 50 auctions per year.

Leon joined forces with Brian Kathenes in the early 1990’s establishing NAC (National Appraisal Consultants, LLC). Leon travels across the country still appraising as Senior Partner and serves as expert witness in many appraisal methodology and procedure cases.

Leon was featured in an ABC 20/20 Special on Estate Auction Fraud and is a columnist for many magazines and papers. He co-hosts a weekly radio show on antiques and collectibles called Value This Radio with Brian and Leon. Leon is a Certified member of AAA. He is a graduate with an M.T.S from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and has a non-traditional non-resident PH.D from Western States. He has also attended St. Michael’s Seminary for other graduate work. He is also President of the ISA Foundation.

Leon sold his auction business a few years ago and moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. He teaches religious courses and is pursuing ordination in the CEC. He enjoys teaching value -- whether it be personal property or individual and societal ethics.

Brian G. Kathenes, ISA, CAPP

Brian Kathenes is a professional appraiser, radio talk-show host and TV personalty. He is the of 'Value This! with Brian and Leon', WNTI’s weekly call-in antiques and collectibles talk show. He and his business partner, Leon Castner, share antique tips, take listeners’ calls, and answer questions on all types of antiques and collectibles. Brian is also the Managing Partner of National Appraisal Consultants, a firm specializing in personal property appraisal consulting, appraisal theory, and litigation support. He is a Certified Appraiser of Personal Property in Autographs, Manuscripts & Historical Documents, and specializes in all types of collectibles.

Brian is the past Chairman of the International Society of Appraisers Ethics Committee. His clients include: Disney /MGM Studios, Chubb Insurance, U.S. Department of the Treasury/IRS, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, The National Museum of American Jewish History, and The Ronald Reagan Museum at Eureka College. He is an expert on the Declaration of Independence.

Mr. Kathenes has also served as an expert witness and consultant in many appraisal-related court cases including: Richard Nixon versus the United States of America -- The Watergate Presidential Papers Trial.

Brian Kathenes has been the keynote speaker at the Folger Shakespeare Library and Library of Congress in Washington, DC. He is the past chairman of the New York Winter Antique Show Vetting committee with Leslie and Lee Keno (of Antiques Road Show fame). Brian is also the on-air TV appraiser and science fiction consultant for the Discovery Channel’s collectibles show: POP NATION: America’s Coolest Stuff.
He’s an Eagle Scout, so you know he’ll always tell you the truth, and was honored as Hope Township’s Outstanding Citizen of the Year.

He has appraised the Batmobile, the Back to the Future Car, and memorabilia from the blockbuster movie Titanic, including the giant ship model. He has appraised items that have been on the Moon, and even appraised (and played) Elvis’ guitar.

Dan Baynes

Dan Baynes AKA "cableman dan" was born in East Lansing, Michigan on June 5th, 1953 a Gemini with 5 planets in "Air" signs. Grew up in upstate NY and Ohio and migrated to the West Coast in 1971. Graduated with A. A. degree from Palomar College, in San Marcos, Ca. where radio career started on a 500 watt microwave radio station KSM. Relocated to Santa Cruz, Ca and hosted Native American, Reggae, and Public Affairs programs on KZSC.

Programmed "Free Form" late night radio at Antioch College on WYSO in Yellow Springs, Ohio and on WXPN from University of Pennsylvania. Returned to school and received a diploma from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Worked at WDVR in Sergeantstville, NJ for 15 years programming American Indian, Reggae, Folk, Bluegrass and Jazz

Dan Baynes hosts Turtle Island and Reggae & World Rythmns, which airs every Sunday evening at 7pm and 8-10pm respectively, on WNTI.ORG-The Internet Voice of Centenary College.



Gup Gascoigne

Gup Gascoigne - 'The Golden Gup" has been a music lover since he was a toddler. He began spinning records in 1968 and his first DJ engagement for pay came in December of 1973 performing an oldies show in Farmingdale, Maine. In 1975 he was the first DJ in Morris County, New Jersey to host an "oldies" night at Smiles in Parsippany.

In 1985, he also established the New York Metro area's first fully professional party jukebox rental service "The Duke of Jukes" - now trading as "PARTY JUKES®".

Gup's radio career began on WNTI in the early 1990's, where he wound up hosting the Wednesday morning slot. After a four year stint on commercial 'oldies' WMTR AM beginning in 2004, Gup was more than happy to return to WNTI in September 2008. "It's a pleasure to be on a station that realizes there are more than 600 songs worth listening to!".

Gup has been a mobile DJ for over 40 years (music entertainment is his SOLE profession!), always specializing in presenting classic dance music from the swing era through the '60's. His commanding knowledge of Pop standards, Big Band, first generation rock & roll and Rhythm & Blues makes him a natural choice for those who demand a jumpin' dance floor! Gup has MC'd over 5,000 events to date (over 700 of them wedding receptions).

In addition to performing at events, functions and parties around the country, Gup can be heard on a regular basis at the Exchange in Rockaway, New Jersey. He is married to Lulu (a qualified professional dance teacher "keeping music entertainment in the family!"). His hobbies include maintaining and running his fleet of antique and custom cars (he attends and performs at many East Coast shows), golf (his handicap is "himself"), skiing and traveling to various events collecting music "to share with all the hep cats!".

Jimmy "Bond" Bascotti

Jimmy "Bond" Bascotti has been in love with music literally since he was born. His first friends were his AM radio, his record player and his dad's old 45s. Adding a cassette recorder and microphone to the mix and Voila!

The Creative Creature was Loose!
Raised on WABC-AM radio in the late 60s and then 99X, WNEW-FM and the like in the 70s and we had the makings of a vocation, a passion fueled by music. Throw in mom's love for Rodgers and Hammerstein movie and play soundtracks and the love of Stage Performing was next. Jimmy also acts and is a voice-over artist, specializing in character voices.

Dr. Demento, Homer and Jethro, Stan Freberg, Spike Jones and Weird Al Yankovic are some of his musical comedic inspirations.

As An Afternoon Drive Commercial Country Radio DJ for 2 Years in the early 80s, Jimmy also makes a living currently on the Private Party DJ Circuit, which he has been doing successfully since 1982.

Jimmy constantly challenges himself to bring unique humor and entertainment to his audiences of friends, clients and recently at WNTI as a DJ volunteer announcer on the Melanie in the Morning show.

"I am the new guy at WNTI and want to thank Melanie for bringing me on board and "Spider" Glenn Compton for allowing me the opportunity to entertain our listeners with fun, off-the-wall zany hijinks, because I believe the people of our world need to laugh a bit more. And a big thanks to all of our other amazingly talented air talent for accepting me as a serious DJ with a "light side" a mile wide!"

Jimmy's 2 Hour Production of "Slightly Mad" airs on Wednesdays from 11 PM to 1 AM on the New

John Del Re

Operations Manager

Mid-Morning Music with Johnny D

A proud resident of Randolph, New Jersey, John Del Re has been dreaming about being on the radio ever since he was 6 years old. He used to record his own mix tapes on his cassette boom box and playing back for all to hear. John grew up listening to some of the great disc jockeys of New York radio station WCBS-FM, listening to Harry Harrison and Cousin Bruce.

After graduating from Randolph High School in 2003, John ended up enrolling at Centenary College with a major in communications. Soon John found WNTI in the depths the Seay building, and the staff took him in as one of their own. He was soon producing promos, operating the console during Centenary Cyclones sporting events, which led to John getting his own show.

After graduating from Centenary College in 2007 with a degree in Communications, John continued his involvement with WNTI. John now serves the stations Operations Manager, making sure that the great staff of WNTI can provide great music to the listeners of Northern New Jersey and Northeast Pennsylvania. John also serves as mid morning host weekdays from 9am to Noon, as well as assisting the staff and students with any technical assistance that they need.

John is a fan of a wide variety of music, including the Dave Matthews Band, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, just to name a few. He is also a fan of the New York Mets, the New Jersey Devils, and the New York Giants.

John hopes to remain with WNTI for many years to come, and thanks all of the underwriters and listeners that help make WNTI one of the greatest radio stations on the planet.

Check him out and ask him about the NJ Devils and the Mets!

Katie Onorato

My love of music began while I was in high school when my friend formed a ska band. As a result, I used to spend my weekends going from venue to venue and learned of many other local bands. Some of my close friends had also formed punk bands so we spent much of our time together listening to music and going to shows.

I have been a fan of WNTI since the late 1990's when a high school classmate recommended the station. I discovered one of my favorite bands by hearing them first on WNTI! Then, as what often occurs in the industry, I happened to be at the right place at the right time and was given the amazing opportunity to become a part of WNTI.ORG

I host Katie O. Radio which is aired Fridays from 10 p.m. till midnight and includes a variety of alternative music including ska, punk, indie, and rock.

I am privileged to be a part of the WNTI.ORG family and it is certainly a unique experience. From interviewing local bands to receiving feedback and incredible support from our listeners, WNTI.ORG has brought me incomparable joy.

Kenny Collins

Kenny Collins is the common thread that runs through many aspects of the music scene in northwestern New Jersey. He began as a singer songwriter, releasing his CD, The Collins Brothers A Taste of Summer, independently in early 2001. His close friendship with Matt Angus of Black Potatoe Records / Entertainment / Productions brought him to the stages of the Black Potatoe Music Festival, first as a performer and later as an organizer and stage manager.

In early 2005 his lifelong passion for musical expression led to his first position as a DJ for, where his talents were recognized by the staff at WNTI and he was offered a slot as an FM DJ. He has been simmering up a mix of folk, blues, rock, jammie, alt and indie on his show Suppertime Stew since the beginning of 2007.

Supertime Stew airs every Saturday evening from 7 to 9pm on WNTI.ORG-The Internet Voice of Centenary College.


Lulu Gascoigne

Lulu Gascoigne was born and raised near London, England. She was “constantly surrounded” by music from a very young age and recalls one of her first memories as choreographing a dance routine to the first record she  ever bought (“Crazy Horses” by the Osmonds) in her living room at the grand old age of 5.

Her Uncle Paul was tenor sax player with the “Ram Rods” (“a skiffle band of dubious star quality but lots of talent”) and her father John (“dubious talent but lots of star quality”) convinced her that she was an official Blue Cap by playing a constant stream of early country and rockabilly music and making her wear his navy blue knitted wool work cap. Meantime, her mother wanted to marry Paul McCartney, her grandmother wanted to marry Tom Jones, and her grandfather wanted to BE Frank Sinatra. “Musically it was everywhere!”. She plays guitar and banjo (“both pretty badly but I enjoy it”).

Lulu has taught dance in England since 1981 –as a student teacher in 1983 and qualifying as a member of the United Kingdom Alliance of  Professional Teachers of Dancing in 1986. She is also a member of the Guild of Professional Teachers of Dance.  Most of her work involves teaching Latin and Ballroom dances, including Swing and Carolina Shag. She has also worked as a choreographer and coached teams in Hip-Hop and Latin Formation. She has taught dancers of all levels, abilities and ages.
Lulu says it is “impossible” to teach any kind of dance without having a “love and appreciation for all kinds of music”.

She is married to “Baldy” – more commonly known as “The Golden Gup” – the veteran NJ Disc Jockey who hosts “The Happy Foot Request Party” on WNTI.

Matt Orenstein

My love affair with making noise began at a very young age, and I soon discovered that people accepted the noise more readily if it contained rhythm and melody.  While my tastes span many genres, there’s always been a special place in my heart for music that pushes the boundaries of traditional song structures and weaves intricate tapestries of sound and imagery.

Today, I am honored to host “The Knife Edge” on WNTI.ORG, the greatest internet radio station on the planet.  Join me every Thursday evening @7pm for a one-of-a-kind musical journey spanning six decades of progressive, art, and space rock.

The Knife Edge official Facebook page

Mike Watterston

Host of Dogbites

I've loved music for as far back as I can remember. Motown & AM radio ruled the airwaves in the 60's. My first 45 (that's one of those small, flat, black, circular things with the hole in the middle. You slid down over a fat spindle….what's a spindle ? ….ugh ! ) was Manfred Mann's "The Mighty Quinn", a Bob Dylan cover. My first LP was Paul McCartney's first solo record after the Beatles disbanded, "McCartney". My first cd was Janet Jackson's "Control". I grew up in an urban area of New Jersey and moved out to Northwest Jersey after high school. I missed the Hippie movement & the Fillmore but was right there for the Capitol Theatre, the Ritz and the Punk/New Wave era. Never Disco, Always Rock !

My musical tastes obviously make up Dogbites and that taste, is as varied as there is music. I like to steer it in a continuous flow musically. There is a method or a message to the setlist. I rarely go in to the studio not knowing how the show will begin and end. The music, regardless of genre, has to have a beat. That's the only requirement. I span decades & styles. Songs you may not have heard lately, or ever!! I like obscurity and covers too!! I love the program, I love WNTI !! There honestly aren't many, if any, radio stations left on the dial that provide an open format like we do. I've been a part of the WNTI air staff for over 20 years.

Are you ready?

Mike Watterston is the host of The Boss Hour, which airs every Saturday at 11am, and Dogbites, which airs every Saturday from Noon to 3pm.

Peter Hoff

Peter Hoff - aka "Uncle Pete," is a New Jersey native who has been listening to and playing music for as long as he can remember.  Growing up in the late '50's and throughout the 60's during the explosion of fresh and exciting music, his tastes cover virtually every genre imaginable.  Having family in the music business exposed him to blues and jazz at an early age.  From the soulful sounds of Ray Charles and John Coltrane to his first live concert experience of Albert King pointed him toward a blues loving future.

Working for his college radio station spinning vinyl and collecting and playing new musical finds for friends became a passion of Pete's.  Getting back into radio now has reignited that passion.   The pleasure of playing music for others to enjoy, especially when you can introduce them to artists or music they haven't heard before, is something he finds truly satisfying.  He is looking forward to sharing some great blues with the WNTI  listening audience.  They'll listen to all forms of blues, from national acts to blues bands working the clubs.  Tune in and join the Blues Family!

Rick From Randolph



"Rick from Randolph" is a fictional character on a real mission to help local artists become music royalty. You might find him at an open mic waiting his turn to play guitar and sing.

Rick's show is on right after Brad on Saturday nights for 2 hours.

You can email Rick at






Ron Alden

Death Valley Radio (DVR)

Ron joined the WNTI staff in 1993, shamelessly riding the coattails of his daughter Jenna, who was interning at the station that summer. Three years and many fill-ins later he hit the jackpot. Ron's been tinkering with Death Valley Radio ever since, trying to get things just right.

Death Valley Radio is a carefully constructed, format-free program for the musically curious. Each week WNTI gives Ron the freedom to blend old, new, familiar and peculiar sounds, a mix that seems to work most of the time. New listeners are always welcome.

Also visit Ron's Web site at:






Stew Liebman

As a kid growing up in the 60’s I dreamed of getting rich and owning a radio station.  From the early days of going into NYC  to Sam Goodys (then one store) and buying  50 albums at a time, I always loved turning people on to new music.  Since then I’ve been building my library, attending concerts and going to clubs, ever expanding horizons and searching for new tunes.

I first heard WNTI when I moved to Sparta 20 years ago, happy to find a great radio station out in northwest New Jersey. The staff at has given me a chance to express myself with a microphone, headphones and stacks of CD’s and vinyl. “Down In Front” is a planned and spontaneous mix of music, new and old, folk to rock and jazz to hip-hop. Somehow it all comes together every Monday night from 7-10PM at






Trevor B. Power

Trevor is a native of NJ, born in 1963, and grew up in Chatham. The youngest of six children, Trevor's earliest memories of listening to music, and influences, was hearing the sounds of the Beatles, Stones,& Dylan, and many other greats from the 60's, & early 70's blasting from his older brother's 3rd floor room. As well as watching his parents dance in the living room to Sinatra, and all the Big Bands from their era.

Trevor studied music theory at Blair Academy, where he was awarded the Highest Achievement in music theory in 1980, before attending Northern Arizona University to study Business Finance.

Trevor owns and operates Power Bag and Film LLC, a Plastic Bag and Industrial Packaging Film company in Califon, NJ. In addition to being a successful business owner, he is an accomplished, and continuing, Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, with a few published works at the Library of Congress. Trevor currently lives in Long Valley, NJ and has one Daughter, Meghan Elizabeth Power.

Trevor loves all types of music, including his Blues, Jazz, & Mostly Rock 'n Roll format he exhibits on his weekly broadcast. When asked why he Loves working at WNTI.ORG, "I think the humble servants, who run the day to day operations at the station are very warm, and gracious people, but most importantly, it's the loyal listeners."


Into the 10 O'Clock Hour with Trevor B Power airs every Friday night from 7 to 10pm on WNTI.ORG-The Internet Voice of Centenary College.